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Mammothify your designs!

Our combination of graphic design knowledge and 3D sculpting gives us a true creative edge. Polymammoth is a young and dynamic studio known for great digital work in both graphic design and digital 3D. Working with local designers, we add a personal twist to all designs, giving them mammoth appeal.

Digital 3D

Viking design.

High resolution

A Christmas Pinguin to celebrate the holidays!

High resolution

A Stegosaurus that loves apples!

High resolution

Connected, isometric world design.

High resolution

Graphic Designs

Logo design 'Kleurrijk', handmade cards and tags

High resolution

Metal knight based on the 'Knights Who Say Ni'

High resolution

Logo design 'Maurice Meijer' digital 3D artist

High resolution

Why Choose Polymammoth


We create stunning digital models, impressions, characters and creatures for custom visualisation and games.


Logo design, business cards, graphic design and more! We design with your vision in mind, creating a unique brand with a solid message.


Working together from concept to finished design. Creativity, personal contact and solid design turns your Mammoth ideas into reality.



It all starts with our first contact. Call us at +31 (0)6 453 832 28 or leave a message. We will send you a quotation and give you an overview of the most suited plans.


After your payment, you'll receive an email with a call appointment in which we go over the plans. We will also set a date to deliver the first concepts. After your feedback the final concept will be created.


After we get your feedback on the concepts, we unleash your Mammoth vision! During this phase we will regularly check in and show you the progress.


Ready to stomp this age! We deliver your design in a pre-selected format and you're ready to impress everyone! Additions made to the designs after the completion will come at an extra cost.

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